Frequently Asked Questions

I am having issues completing my application.

We are sorry to hear that you are having trouble completing your application. We can help. Please email us at and someone from our support department will contact you to help you finish your application.

Can I complete my application from my phone? Or is your site mobile compatible?

Our website is mobile responsive. Unfortunately, the application isn’t yet ready for mobile. We are working on this. If it is easier for you, please stop by your local Solutions Staffing office to complete the application on one of our workstations.

Where are your offices located?

We are located in Columbus (OH), Cincinnati (OH), Phoenix (AZ), Tempe (AZ), Scottsdale (AZ), Charlotte (NC), Atlanta (GA) and New Castle (IN). You can find the office closest to you by choosing "Offices" from the menu above.

Do you require a drug test and background check?

Yes. We are a drug free workplace, as are most of the companies we serve. We also require a background check before you can be assigned to one of our clients.

Can you hire me even though I have a felony conviction?

A felony is not an absolute bar against employment. We look at the totality of the circumstances. However, some of our clients in certain industries have strict background check policies due to the nature of their work.

What types of work do you offer? (Clerical, LI, Scientific, medical)

We have light industrial, administrative and professional, scientific, and accounting assignments. We work wit hundreds of companies, and we always have access to many different assignments. If you’d like to see some of the assignments we are working on now, browse the openings on our Job page.

Do I need to bring my High School diploma or GED with me to the interview?

No, you will not have to bring it with you; however, we do have to be able to call the Department of Education and verify that you do have either a High School diploma or GED.

Is it possible to be hired by the employer to whom I am assigned?

Absolutely! We will "get your foot in the door" with many of the best companies in the markets we serve. Being hired full time is largely due to your performance, attendance, etc. Many of our clients hire employees who are assigned to their account.

What will I need in order to register with your company?

You can fill out the application online if you would like; however, you will still need to make an appointment to interview with a recruiter. We do require all applicants to have 2 valid (U.S. issued) forms or identification. All applicants must be able to pass a drug test, criminal background check and have either a High School diploma or GED. If you have a resume please email it in advance or bring it with you to your interview.

How do I get my W2?

Here are the instructions for downloading your W2. If you have any trouble, please contact us by emailing us at We’ll make sure you get your W2.